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1. INDIVIDUAL ORDERS of ready-to-drink GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice shots are available in cartons of four 7-packs (4-week supply for 1 person), cartons of eight 7-packs, cartons of ten 7-packs, or in 7-pack samples.

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GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice Box

Wheatgrass Juice

The Original

GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice is fresh and ready-to-drink pure organic wheatgrass juice with a 10-week refrigerated shelf life. No GMO's, 100% juice - never frozen or heated, no preservatives added, and complete with all the living enzymes and nutrients of freshly juiced wheatgrass because of our high pressure processing!

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GrowAgra Wheatgrass with Apple box

Wheatgrass & Apple

Splash of Apple

GrowAgra Wheatgrass & Apple Juice is a mix of GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice and fresh juices from Golden Delicious, Gala, Braeburn, and Red Delicious apples grown in Arizona, California, and Washington state, formulated for the perfect blend that's not too sweet but pops with flavor. Vegan, fat-free, low sodium, and no sugar added!

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GrowAgra Wheatgrass with Carrot box

Wheatgrass & Carrot

Snap of Carrots

GrowAgra Wheatgrass & Carrot Juice is a perfect mix of GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice and fresh juice GrowAgra squeezes from certified organic carrots grown in California specifically for our juicing. Only these freshly juiced carrots can provide the blend of freshness, nutrition and great taste our Wheatgrass & Carrot juice delivers.

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Wheatgrass juice subscription prices are in US dollars. They include USPS Priority shipping and Tennessee Sales Tax as follows: Henry County Tennessee, 9.75%; Other Tennessee buyers, 7.00%; Non-Tennessee shipments are not taxed.

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  • **Non-Tennessee Buyers: $64.45 / month (49.00 + 0.00 Tax + 15.45 S/H)

Monthly Double Supply:

  • **Henry County TN Buyers: $123.01 / month (98.00 + 9.56 Tax + 15.45 S/H)
  • **Other Tennessee Buyers: $120.31 / month (98.00 + 6.86 Tax + 15.45 S/H)
  • **Non-Tennessee Buyers: $113.45 / month (98.00 + 0.00 Tax + 15.45 S/H)

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