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GrowAgra - The Organic Wheatgrass Juice You Can Trust

Whether you use, provide, or recommend wheatgrass juice as part of a fitness program, for general nutrition, or for a health issue, you will find good news on this website... the story of GrowAgra's unwavering commitment to consistent organic purity, and its high stan­dards and aggressive defenses against any possible contamination during the growth, harvesting, pro­ces­sing, and delivery of organic wheatgrass juice products.

Organic Wheatgrass Growing and Harvesting

GrowAgra Organic Wheatgrass Sprouts

GrowAgra's growing and processing policies are formed around the knowledge that juice from any or every batch may be ultimately delivered to someone whose use for it is medical.

Hydroponic growing not only produces more consistent crops and requires less water and other resources, it permits total control of the production environment and limits the threat of contaminants to some for which prevention techniques and monitoring are active, from the time the seeds enter the area until the juice is bottled and labeled.

We conduct an aggressive cleaning/sterilizing program before and after each crop, and maintain clean environments throughout the growing cycles.

Organic Wheatgrass Juicing and Testing

Organic Wheatgrass Lab Tests

From the time they are planted until they are packaged, GrowAgra wheatgrass juice products are untouched by human hands, rodents, birds, insects, or other possible contamination sources, in a carefully controlled and monitored environment.

At the end of the harvesting process and prior to bottling, we conduct Salmonella/E.coli tests to ensure that we are not producing contaminated products.

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice Shipped Cold

Once the product is bottled, GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice is subjected to immense pressure (up to 600 Mega Pascals (~90,000 psi). This process kills food poisoning and spoliage bacteria without affecting nutrients such as vitamins, and greatly extends the product shelf life.

Certified USDA Organic

USDA Organic Seal

This seal appears on GrowAgra's bottled Wheatgrass Juice and other organic product packaging.

The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products.

Food Safety Certified

Wheatgrass inspection

GrowAgra is an accredited orga­nic Producer, Processor, and Packager.

See GrowAgra's accreditation and its requirements:

cGMP 21 CFR Part 110

HACCP ISGA Food Safety

Market Tested and Proven

Green Hills Whole Foods Market

GrowAgra bottled organic wheatgrass juices are already available in Whole Foods Markets in their south and mid-Atlantic regions.