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The Organic Wheatgrass Juice You Can Trust

Whether you use, provide, or recommend wheatgrass juice as part of a fitness program, for general nutrition, or for a health issue, you will find good news on this website... the story of GrowAgra's unwavering commitment to consistent organic purity, and its high standards and aggressive defenses against any possible contamination during the growth, harvesting, processing, and delivery of organic wheatgrass juice products.

GrowAgra's strictly controlled growing and processing standards are founded on the possibility that juice from any or every batch may be ultimately delivered to someone whose use for it is medical.

Growing and Harvesting


Organic Wheatgrass Growing and Harvesting

We conduct an aggressive cleaning/sterilizing program before and after each crop, and maintain clean environments throughout the growing cycles.

Hydroponic growing not only produces more consistent crops and requires less water and other resources, it permits total control of the production environment and limits the threat of contaminants to some for which prevention techniques and monitoring are active, from the time the seeds enter the area until the juice is bottled and labeled.

Wheatgrass Juicing & Testing

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Highly Controlled Environment

The human body is an incredibly complex and wonderfully intelligent system. It routinely handles innumerable wellness and fitness functions without our knowing it, every day, all day.

A very important part of what it does for us each day is to separate the bad things from the good things we ingest, breath, absorb, etc. each day, getting rid of the bad and putting the good to use.

But the body uses energy to rid itself of contaminants, and that is energy we could use for better purposes. Making sure what we allow into it is as clean and beneficial to our health as possible is of vital importance.

That is why the focus at GrowAgra targets purity and absolute cleanliness and contaminant testing in our production system, from beginning to finish.

To accomplish GrowAgra's mission to produce and deliver pathogen-free, live organic wheatgrass juice with the most natural benefits and longest shelf life possible:

From the time they are planted until they are packaged, GrowAgra's wheatgrass juice products are untouched by human hands, rodents, birds, insects, or other possible contamination sources, in a sterile, carefully controlled and monitored environment.

At the end of the harvesting process and prior to bottling, we conduct Salmonella/E.coli tests to ensure that we are not producing contaminated wheatgrass juices.

High Pressure Processing


Product Safety & Longer Shelf Life

After bottling, GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice is subjected to immense pressure (up to 600 Mega Pascals (~90,000 psi). This process kills food poisoning and spoliage bacteria without affecting nutrients such as vitamins, and greatly extends the product shelf life.

Watch this HPP provider's video to see how high pressure processing (HPP) works:

The result of HPP is ready-to-drink live wheatgrass juice shots.. safe high pressure processed juice with a 10-week shelf life, never heated or frozen, and no preservatives.

GrowAgra is the only US wheatgrass juice producer offering the security of HPP processed, ready-to-drink organic wheatgrass juice!

Certified USDA Organic

GrowAgra Certified USDA organic wheatgrass juice

This seal appears on GrowAgra's bottled Wheatgrass Juice and other organic product packaging.

The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products.

Food Safety Certified

Growagra is Food Safety Certified

GrowAgra is an accredited orga­nic Producer, Processor, and Packager.

See GrowAgra's accreditation and its requirements:

  1. cGMP 21 CFR Part 110

Market Tested and Proven

Growagra Wheatgrass is Market Tested and Proven

GrowAgra bottled organic wheatgrass juices have been available in Whole Foods Markets since 2009!