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The Original

GrowAgra's Wheatgrass Juice is fresh and ready-to-drink pure organic wheatgrass juice with a 10-week refrigerated shelf life. No GMO's, 100% juice...

Wheatgrass & Apple

Splash of Apple

GrowAgra's Wheatgrass & Apple Juice is a mix of GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice and fresh juices from Golden Delicious, Gala, Braeburn, and Red Delicious apples...

Wheatgrass & Carrot

Snap of Carrots

GrowAgra's Wheatgrass & Carrot Juice is a perfect mix of GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice and fresh juice GrowAgra squeezes from certified organic carrots...

Testing for...

Salmonella and E.coli

From the time they are planted until they are packaged, GrowAgra wheatgrass juice products are untouched by human hands, rodents, birds, insects, or other possible contamination sources, in a carefully controlled and monitored environment.

At the end of the harvesting process and prior to bottling, we conduct Salmonella / E.coli tests to ensure that we are not producing contaminated products.

About Our Products

Did you know?

GrowAgra's focus is on the production of pathogen-free, fresh organic wheatgrass juice with its nutrients intact... no nutrient loss because of powdering or conversion to tablet form, heat pasteurization or freezing.

For Your Safety!

After bottling, we kill any pathogens and extend the shelf life of GrowAgra Wheatgrass Juice by putting it through High Pressure Processing, a proven antimicrobial treatment which destroys food-borne microorganisms without destroying the enzymes and nutrients in the juice.

Our Promise

You have our promise that we will never compromise any food safety step in our processing for the sake of market demand for faster or increased production.

About GrowAgra

GrowAgra's mission is to produce and deliver pathogen-free, live organic wheatgrass juice with all its natural benefits.

GrowAgra is the only US wheatgrass juice producer offering the security of HPP processed, ready-to-drink organic wheatgrass juice, and a 10-week shelf life!

GrowAgra Wheatgrass

Nutrition Basics

Your health is just as important to GrowAgra as it is to you.

You have our promise that we will never compromise any nutrient preservation or processing safety step in our system for the sake of market demand for faster or increased production.

Wheatgrass Nutrition

Claims & Truth

Pure wheatgrass juice has nothing in it that will hurt you unless you are allergic to it or exceed reasonable doses.

Pure wheatgrass juice is beneficial, because it is a complete food, high in protein and containing all the essential Amino Acids.

Claims & Truth

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