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GrowAgra Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Programs - Basic #1

On our Wheatgrass Juice-The Truth page we mentioned that there is a group of anti-wheatgrass web pages which end their negative reviews by echoing that eating 2.2 pounds of carrots would be more nutritional than drinking an ounce of wheatgrass juice.

Following that logic, it appears that those folks would next say that a person who uses 3 ounces of wheatgrass juice in his daily fitness/wellness program should replace that with 6.6 pounds of carrots per day. Wow!

The carrot comment, we hope, was only a dramatic debate style diversion that could have used more thought rather than a serious diet recommendation, because in any other context the suggestion as stated is ridiculous. 

Anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows that a good nutrition plan, no matter what the goal, is comprised of many nutrient sources, all professionally planned for an intended result. It is not a simple matter of carrots vs. wheatgrass juice or any other nutritional product.

Nutrition Programs - Basic #2

The human body is an incredibly complex and wonderfully intelligent system.  It routinely handles innumerable wellness and fitness functions without our knowing it, every day, all day.

A very important part of what it does for us each day is to separate the bad guys from the good guys we ingest, breath, absorb, etc. each day, getting rid of the bad and putting the good to use.

It is limited as to how much of the bad it can handle, however, and making sure what we allow into it, in any form, is as clean and beneficial to our health as possible, nutrition program or not, is of vital importance.  It takes energy to rid the body of contaminants, and that is energy we could use for better purposes.

That is why the focus at GrowAgra targets purity and absolute cleanliness and contaminant testing in our production system, from beginning to finish.

If you are one who does your own juicing, we hope you follow our lead and be absolutely certain you are not compromising the benefits available to you.  Read the many articles on the web about that nasty kitchen sponge for starters; the war against harmful bacteria and other contaminants is a full time job.

GrowAgra is the Nutrition Products Brand You Can Trust

Your health is just as important to GrowAgra as it is to you.  You have our promise that we will never compromise any step in our system for the sake of market demand for faster or increased production.

Thank you for your interest in GrowAgra Wheatgrass!


Although the data, opinions and ideas expressed here are based on personal experience and information gathered from resources we consider credible, nothing on our website should be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Always obtain the advice of a medical professional before making diet or nutrition changes.